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My understanding (feel free to correct me)...
My KLR has a gravity-fed carb so obviously gravity is needed to get fuel to the carb during start-up...but isn't some amount of suction created soon after start-up because the fuel flowing through the petcock down the fuel line to the carb (acted upon by gravity) creates a siphon for fuel behind it?

This is basically what I'm wondering:
Can my gravity-fed carb create the suction necessary to pull fuel through hose/tubing that is angled only slightly upwards? I have a translucent IMS tank so I would switch to "reserve" before I needed to so that the siphon/suction wouldn't be interrupted as I switched from the main petcock intake ("on") to the reserve tubing intake (I imagine switching from "on" to "reserve" as fuel is running just below the main intake opening [when one normally switches to "reserve"] could interrupt the suction with air).

I believe the set-up as outlined in my OP could actually siphon fuel upwards through the reserve hose but I imagine the flow from the siphon might not provide sufficient flow and cause fuel starvation.
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