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I've been a Harley/BMW flip flopper.

BMW XCountry, loved the power and weight. And the economy! Didn't like the prospect of a multi-stage oil change, weird shit that goes wrong with DS bikes when ridden in the woods and through rivers. Missed the KLR for simplicity.

Rubber mount carbed 883. Loved the SOUND through baffled drag pipes. Loved the feel of the controls and the solid shifter. Clunky shifts suit me. It just felt like a quality bike.

R1100S - holy shit, that boxer motor through open pipes! Smoooooooth and fast (enough). Felt right, solid mechanicals, great experience. Controls always felt cheap though.

Rubber mount FI 883. Everything I loved about the 04, but better economy, which was already good. Feels stronger too.

Road King. Tours like the BMW. Which is well. Luggage is a wash. BMW luggage opens and shit falls out. HD bags are a fucking project to open and close. Piss poor mileage (my jetta about matched it). Feels good. Agricultural almost, but comfortable. Maybe like a nice pickup? So far it's the winner. But maybe I could use a Setrao?
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