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1911Fan - Thanks for pursuing this and for letting us know. I ride that area a lot so, good to hear it is not going to be permanent. I am curious now about how much of that area and table mountain / blewett will be open for those of us that snowmobile this winter. Have heard they are not opening Reecer creek and that parts of 9716 / 9712 from top of Blewett are impassable due to trees, slides etc from the fires. Meant to go check it out last weekend but ran out of time. Sounds like you and ADVNCW spend a lot of time up there, please post up if you hear or see anything.


Below is the email attachment from USFS on 10/29. Cle Elum USFS says Blewett will be open for winter recreation. I have not talked to Leavenworth USFS recently- I figure they are pretty busy, The Boundary is the Pass and the ridge crest.Maybe I will stop and talk to WRRD Leavenworth next week. The area remains under closure with the posted Order from the Forest Supervisor so I would not go in there until posted open. You may never get caught, but if you are the unlucky one the LEO would write you one of those REAL expensive Federal Citations.

Please remember, the Chelan County side over the crest to the north of the groomed Rd 9712 is Winter Non-Motorized Area since the 1980's. The few signs on the County Line/ District Boundary may have been disturbed.

USFS info below-

Subject: Table mountain fire and recreation facilities - what we know and don't know

Hey, everyone: I’m sending this message to as many people as I can, but I don’t have a complete mailing list of everyone who might be interested, so I ask you to please pass this information on to anyone else who you think might want to know about recreation and the Table Mountain Fire.

A lot of people have been asking about what recreation facilities have been lost in the Table Mountain fire. We are just starting to get into the interior of the fire, so here’s my take on things we know and don’t know at this point:

The Table Mountain A-Frame rental cabin (formerly called the Boeing Cabin) burned to the ground. It’s unclear whether they had time to wrap it in a fire blanket or not. The Ellensburg Ski Club hut, and the historic ”Riders Cabin” have also both burned to the ground.

The toilets in the area, including those at the Ken Wilcox Camp, seem to all be fine.
At Haney Meadow, the historic cabin has burned down, despite being wrapped in a fire blanket but amazingly there is little other damage to the Ken Wilcox Campground Only one campsite was destroyed, a few hitching rails broken, and of course the woods around the camp are black, but not near the devastation we expected.

I’ve looked at a few of the trails in the area. I know the bridge across First Creek on the 4W329, right by the irrigation diversion, survived, and we know one of the new bridges on the Naneum-Wlison trail has burned, but we don’t know about other bridges. There is, of course, much downfall everywhere we’ve looked. I’m also sure there will be epic logout needs next spring. We got some money to install drainage and remove burned bridges this Fall, but right now the snow is keeping us from doing that. Hopefully it will warm up next week.

As to ski trails, I know that some of the Wilson Rim ski trails were used as firelines, and that some of the newly-installed junction signs and blue diamonds burned. Over on Tronson, the burn was fairly moderate in that area, and I do know the bridge built by the ski club last year survived, so I’m also optimistic that many signs may have survived, as well.

Same goes for the snowmobile trails. Some of these roads have been opened by the fire crews themselves, but not all. The District Ranger has decided the area will be open for winter recreation, and most routes will be groomed, but people will need to be aware that snags may fall at unpredictable times, especially on windy days.

I want to say that many, many groups and individuals have volunteered their time to help repair the damage next Spring (or this fall in the case of the ski and snowmobile communities). We greatly appreciate this, and will welcome your help when we can safely work on these facilities.

I will try to send out these periodic updates whenever we learn new information.

Tim Foss
Trails manager
Cle Elum Ranger District

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