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Thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate the input.

Originally Posted by taco250 View Post
Nice job on welding-did you do it yourself?
Taco, I cut, bent, and fit the plates, then just tacked it together and had one of the pro welders that I work with weld it out. I can weld steel passably well, but I make messes when I play with aluminum. I need more practice I guess, or more likely I'll just keep being lazy and let the guys that do it all day every day help me

Originally Posted by ThumpnRed View Post
Good job! Looks great. I would drill an oil drain hole in it. If you are careful when you remove the drain plug, you can drain your oil without making a mess. I made a helluva mess with mine at first, but Brian got my thinking straight As far as aesthetics... I would give it hell with a scotchbrite pad and call it a day.
Wayne, Thanks, I think I'll go the drain hole route and leave the rest intact. I put this on about 3 weeks ago and wanted to test it out a little first before I spent time making it look pretty, which it won't stay very long anyways. I had planned to buff it with the DA and an abrasive pad once I was done cutting on it.
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