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Question 3.1 or 4.7 gal tank?

Timely. I was going to start a thread, but the discussion is right here right now!

I just pulled the trigger and cut the deal for an immaculate '09 WR250R with 1900 miles...commuting to work miles!

Bought it for the CDR next August and other trips.

What do you say, 3.1 gal tank or 4.7 gal tank?

I have been thinking I need 220 miles+ range for one part of the CDR. I could do that easily with the 3.1 gal plus my Kolpin 1.5 gal extra. And that way, I could leave the Kolpin off for trail riding, or when I do not need the long range. Last year I rode the WABDR and the distance between gas was < 90 miles.

Obviously, the 4.7 has the RANGE for big trips. But as alluded to I was wondering about possible problems not to mention the physical size affecting trail riding...

Originally Posted by TwilightZone View Post
>"While I am on a posting frenzy, I have some thoughts on carrying extra fuel. I have been seeing a lot of people posting about buying these bigger after market tanks, and consequently having plenty of issues with them."

3.1 Gallon IMS tank doesn't have any fuel problems, replaces the stock tank. The low fuel light comes on with .5 to .6 gallons left in the tank, in mild dual-sport, that's about 160 miles to low fuel, and probably 190 or so to tank-out. I carry a 1 gallon rotopax tank on mine too. I could probably get by with .5 gallons in small bottles, the gallon of extra fuel was useful though for other bikes!

The 4,5 gallon IMS tank needs a vacuum pump to draw fuel from the lowest reaches of the tank and spray it up on the fuel pump.
I have heard a variety of problems with them, i.e. not pulling fuel from the bottom of the tank. But I dunno, there are lots of people running them... hopefully a couple of them will post up here.
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