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Hello Dave and Hellen. I just returned to the dual sport world last year here in Alberta Canada, and I ran across this site when I was looking for intressting places to travel to. As I scrolled the threads, I come across one of yours that really caught my eyesssss !!!!!!!!!!!!.

Your are a living ledgen who lives behind the lens of hummans like no others I have ever seen before. I'm am a member of Alberta"s Dual Sport Form up here in Canada, and I want to thank you and Hellen for sharing your time/ life/ and friends with faimly with all that see life through your eyes. You bring the meaning of true HEART SPARK to the soul of those that can see past the man/ woman that you are. I am proud that your camera and pictures show me how to share life with those that I enjoy being around, and I hope to incress my game plan over the next few years so "I to can share life on this site."

Thanks so much to the both of you. From Your Number One Fan Here In Western Canada Don Parsons, "AKA" Jeathrow Bowdean
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