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Not a great picture but these are the rowers out in the sea.

We went out to dinner to a place I can't remember the name of. First off we figured out how to lock all the bikes together.

I've never worried about my stuff walking off but better safe than sorry. I figured someone would have to be pretty hard up to go after one of our bikes but then there are some pretty hard up people around.

Sean and I didn't worry about the sleeping arrangements as we are secure in our manhood. Not everyone felt the same but after spending the night with the A/C going full blast sleeping on the tile floor seemed to lose a bit of its luster.

We headed South with our goal to be Gonzaga Bay, Cocos Corner and ending at the Bay of Los Angeles.

The first part of the route was paved but with many deep dips in the roads for the vados. I figured that with the suspension travel of the KTM I didn't need to slow down but found that I was getting air when coming out.

Down a bit south of Puertocitos we stopped for a break and to tell lies about how fast we were going through the vados.

The Sea of Cortez is really quite pretty. Here you can see the old dirt road that was used before the pavement went in.

Before long we headed back south until we ran out of pavement.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a great rider off road. Sure if the surface is hard packed I'll wail along at 50mph or so but I forget that part of off road riding is that the surface isn't consistent. This was the case here as the road turned from a nice hard pack to loose sand as we came around a corner. I may have screamed a little.

Tom gave us a bit of instruction on lowering the tire pressures.

Tom was a great guy and has raced the Baja 1000 in the past. He claims to be slow and gave us all a good confidence booster the night before with regard to the ride today and the distances & conditions we could expect. I didn't remember the loose sand part of the conversation but then again I might now have been listening. All I knew was that it wasn't far to Gonzaga Bay and that there was about 15 miles between Gonzaga Bay and Cocos Corner. It was in that stretch that I learned that either Tom lies or his memory of the distances involved could use some work.

The route to Gonzaga Bay wasn't too bad and we headed over to Alphonsinos (check my spelling) for what tacos. When we walked in we got a bit of a hard time but since I speak very little Spanish I didn't know what was being said. We did notice that everyone that came in after us got served before us but when our food came it was all worth it. All we had ordered was tacos for 6 but we got two heaping plates, one of fish and one of shrimp along with plates of fixins.

After lunch our V-Strom rider decided that he really wasn't comfortable in the sand so we loaded his bike into the truck and he drove for the rest of the day.

Tom assured us that the 15 miles to Cocos was straight as an arrow and pointed down the road. It certainly looked straight and the road went as far as I could see.

I think in the next part of the ride I nearly died a number of times. I really need to work on my dirt riding.

After one particularly harrowing S-curve that involved much deep sand...

I looked ahead to see asphalt! I was so relieved! Sean and I stopped to take a break and that's when I noticed that this portion of asphalt was only about 100 yards long, with sand on the other end.

We stopped to tell lies about how great we were at riding in these conditions when some of the racers came by pre-running the course.

Since the race wasn't until later in the week and this is a public road most of the racers would slow way down when they saw us sitting on the side of the road. All except for one motorcycle rider that hit the asphalt and pulled a monster wheelie for the duration, possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Chris took this video while he was waiting for Me and Sean to show up.

My 2009 Alaska Adventure

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