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Originally Posted by BigChris99 View Post
My daughter is going to college... her car is a '99 Toyota Camry.

..she has to manually unlock the doors on her car

Being from southern California we are not too experienced with freezing temps...
Such a sob story
A college kid has to drive a 99 Camry. With no power locks!! Where's the justice!!

Silicone on gaskets, good.
Oil in the lock cylinder, good.
De-icer to get a frozen lock (there was no oil) to open, good short term bad long term.

Prevention really is the key here.
Oil the locks and silicone the gaskets, that way the won't be problems with freezing.
Using the de-icer get her out of the pickle at that moment but the de-icers also tend to flush out any trace amounts of lubricant from the lock cylinder.
Then it freezes even worse.

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