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Background: I previously owned (& thoroughly enjoyed) an '09 Piaggio MP3 400, '09 Yamaha TMax & '07 Honda Reflex ABS, plus a few smaller scoots, in addition to sharing a '10 Honda VFR1200 DCT with my brother. (Seriously - don't buy a VFR unless you are an expert class rider and really need to hot dog, that damn bike is so fast its frightening!)

My current ride is a '12 Silverwing & I'm looking at a '13 Yamaha XT250 for the farm roads and sedate trails. While an old ankle injury makes shifting a bit unpleasant after a few hours riding, the XT might be doable for my planned riding environment. I'm a happy camper, ride only for pleasure (62 yr. old retired bum) and avoid most roads with heavy cager traffic (Bambi gives me enough trouble & I've become an ABS only rider). I'm basically a back road rider, even on long trips and rarely venture into congested environments unless absolutely necessary.

Burgmans, either one - are outstanding scooters. I'd have bought a 400 a few years ago but it just didn't fit me and the 650 is out of my weight comfort range around the garage (same problem with the VFR). I've ridden both Burgmans several times for about 10 days each (swapped rides with friends).

The 400 was fine on the slab, the 650 just demonstrated that it owns the road, period. Its one of the the ultimate long distance tourers, with no disrespect to the 400. Both were pleasant on the back roads with a preference to the 400 due to its more flickable size/weight.

My Silverwing is perfect for me, ergonomics are best in class (for me), workable around the garage at 550 lbs., great on the slab if I need to and a pleasure on the back roads. I would recommend anyone considering the upper end of touring scooters to give it a very, very close look.

I've developed a preference for the TMax (500cc) and above size scooters for all around riding. I'd have kept the TMax but you can't get one with ABS in the US. Its the sport bike of scooters. The 500cc & up size is just my personal druthers. Piaggio's MP3 500 has a lot of fans and there is a best in class MP3 rider community site under the Modern Vespa forum if you're interested.

There obviously are other maxi scooter choices but I can't give any advice on them. Personally, I prefer to stay with the Japanese brands but thats just me. BMW has two versions of a 600+cc super scooter coming in the near future (if not already available) and Honda may import their new Integra sometime next year but don't hold your breath. Also, bring lots of money in both cases.

I don't think you can make a bad choice, just buy the maxi that fits YOU and your intended use. Best of luck.

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