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Originally Posted by BmoreBandit View Post
I don't have a street bicycle, so no idea regaridng paces and me it looks like just 'workout', as much as I enjoy that, I like to have it peppered with some fun and if I lived in PHX I would sure own a mt bike.
My question here has more to do with different bike purposes. I am looking to get more technical. I've been riding a HD 29er pretty much in AM style and it has been working out. Being the only HD in a group I get props every time I don't suck too much on a downhill. I like HD because it has a lot less maintenance (and I break stuff) and in y view allows me to be as fast on uphills as I can get. So for awhile I was thinking still of upgrading to a F/S, either a Rumblefish or a Stumpy but nowadays I am thinking of staying with my HD Kona and picking up a 'fun' and city bike.
Here comes the questions part-
Is the general opinion that F/S is really just for rider comfort and some traction help on a trail ride? Curious what riders here think.
What is the legit difference between a trials bike and a DJ? I see a relatively cheap Kona Shonty here..would that work for the fun stuff like city riding, few smaller jumps, lite trials stuff? Or should I go for a ridgid trials bike for the around the neighborhood fun...? I don't see either of these bikes going ona serious trail ride.
And finally, would a DH like Kona Stinky be good at all for around town and stunt playing?
Thanks, hopefully not every one here is wearing tight, tight shorts!
1st, if you want a trialsy HT 29er, check this out.... RCP NE29ER Ryan can do custom, his Kickstart didn't pan out, but he will build the frame on a small scale. Here is his website RCP fabrication

The problem with going to a trials specific frame is that that is about all they are good for. They have evolved with SUPER high bottombrackets... Look for an older trials frame if that is what you want.

DH bikes have SUPER slack headtube angles, make them really floppy unless you are flying down hill, or stairs....

If you want a FS all-mountain 29er check out these.
Transition makes a covert 29er (140mm) and a bandit 29er (120mm).
Banshee makes the Prime.
Intense makes a variety also 27.5 and 29ers.... VERY well built bikes. They tend to go from the spider 29er which is more XC to the tracer 29 which is more gravity, they have a gap, but that may not matter for you....

The main problem these days is finding the bike that works across all styles. We have gotten very specialized, and that requires a quiver.

If you have more specific questions let me know, I can steer you in various directions.
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