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OK I think I need to explain what I'm doing a little better. The usb port is for the ipod I'm going to be charging up at the dash while listening to it while riding. The inverter is for the two cameras that my girl is bringing on the trip with us. One charger is for the big $1000 camera, and the other is for the simple point and shoot camera. Each use a rechargeable battery, not AA's. I was planning on putting the inverter, and chargers under the seat so they can charge while we are riding. I was also going to route the connections thru my fuse box which will make it a switched circuit that will be off when the ignition is also off. So no need to worry about it draining the battery.

I am getting a little overwhelmed with the whole numbers and volt, amps, watts, and what not. Which is exactly why I plugged everything in the way I did when I went on my trip around the country, and why I have done the same for this bike. I'm beginning to think it will just be easier to plug them in when we have the chance. I didn't have a charger for my phone/music device for over a month when I was on my big trip and got along just fine even though that was using a massive constant draw. So I'm sure I will be just fine with a simple camera.

The main reason why I was wanting to charge off the bike is because we very rarely stay at hotels. When we travel its on the cheap. So being able to power everything you have with you off the bike, means you are totally self sufficient other than food, water, and gas. Makes camping and being off the grid much easier.
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