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I'm all into the look over the words Dave. You have this down pat with 100% of what a post is suppose to be. A picture tell a thousand words, and you have added at the BEGINING of your posts what the ride is ABOUT; along with some details to help a person gain some info of WHAT/ and WHERE the picture is from. You said one thing that caught my attention . Don't be to CRITICAL/ or to much DETAIL in WORDS !!!!!!!!!!!! "

Your passion is in the posts that you put up on the form, and WE need to look at your awsome work so we can use our own IMAGINATION. I'm just finishing 2 years of in depth reading, because I have been eliterat for 46 years.

I use this as an example into the un-know-en. You see a object in the middle of no were, and there is no sign/ tracks/ or clue of what it is. Your gears start to turn, and you ask all of what you don't know. This is what HEART SPARK is Dave. You share through your camera lens what most people miss. You keep it simple and to the point, and thats why I am proud to post this on this post

You are a SUPER HREO Dave.
From Jeathrow Bowdean
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