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Honestly, I wish it was starting tomorrow. The big adventure should start in late June. I am moving from Texas to New Hampshire to work on a farm and between leaving my current job and going up there I will be taking the C70 on a long trip. At first I didn't really want to say what I have planned, didn't want to spoil the anticipation, but what the heck. The C70 and I are going to make a run at the whole Trans America Trail. I have always loved exploring dirt roads and trails and for years have wanted to take a cross country trip with this bike. Unfortunately, it's just too slow for pretty much any U.S. long distance road so my dream started to fade. Then I found out about the TAT and decided that's my chance. I have to do it. I'll be between jobs so I'll have all the time that I need and I have been saving money quite a while for "something, someday" so finances shouldn't be a problem. In the coming months I plan on taking several smaller trips on the bike on with the setup I am creating in this thread to make sure that its functional. I am well aware that the C70 is not the most logical choice of bike for the trail, but for me, I can't see using any other. After over 25,000 trouble-free miles, and with it still running as strong as ever, I am not concerned with its reliability in the least, which will be comforting on such a journey. I have traveled so many miles with the Honda that I have developed a great understanding of it and riding it is practically second-nature. I placed an order for the TAT maps a couple days ago so they should hopefully be here next week for me to start perusing.
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