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Originally Posted by Sideout View Post
You mind posting close up pics of your GPS and radar detector setup? I am trying to figure out an eloquent way of mounting a GPS and a GoPro camera. Most of the options ruin the aesthetic appeal of the MTS. So curious what you've done there.

Kinda blurry, but best I have:

I use the Adaptiv Mount that the company that makes the radar detector makes. I have a aftermarket handlebar clamp that allows you to attach a RAM mount which the GPS mounts to, and then a Tech Mount for the XM antenna.

The GPS placement looks stock and the adaptiv mount also looks very nice. I'm not happy with the tech mount because the way it fits the bike requires you to use bolts that are over sized and then you need spacers to take up the slack. I'll probably ditch it for another Adaptiv mount. I like techmounts in general, it's just the control mount doesn't work very well with the MTS.

I'll see if I can get some better pics tomorrow.
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