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On my streetbikes that never see dirt or rain, I clean and lube the chains every 800-1000 miles or so, the chains stay nice and quiet with lube on them during that time. On my dualsport, after one short dry dirt ride the lube is gone...if I want to keep it greasy to the touch, I'd need to lube it continously....which honestly with 4 bikes and a busy schedule I don't really have time for.

So how long do you guys get out of a chain with constant lubing vs less often? If the difference isn't too much I might just lube less and replace chains and sprockets more often as needed
i been searching for the right chain lube for years then finally found that repsol was the one i liked since it would stay oily and wet rather than dry out like chain waxes and just about all the other ones, then the shops stopped carrying repsol. dang! so searching again i found one,its made by maxima and its thier synthetic chain lube in the grey black can. it goes on wet and stays wet and keeps my chain kink free. try it out if you can.
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