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KLR purchase advise..??

Hey all ..
Im new here ,So this will be my first post.Been doing alot of reading here and other sites. So if ive missed this or has been brought up i apologize.. Ive decided a KLR 650 is going to be my next bike.Id like to try to pick up a used bike .As i just bought a new bike a few weeks ago (RoadKing) I do like my Harleys ,But where i live theres alot of dirt that im missing riding on . and places i just cant get to on the King .
.So used is my only option.
But my question is ,on buying a used KLR , what kind of mileage on the bike should i be looking for.. Obviously less would be better but realisticly .Alot of KLR's ive seen have higher mileage.
Also should i be looking for a certain year/s .Ive read that the 08 has had some problems .Or is that something i should even be bothered with? Any other things i should be looking at on a used bike that could be problem areas?
Im also open to other bike options aswell. ?
Any hadvice would be greatly appreciated..
Thanks all
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