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Nice. Especially nice if it has 30k miles on it! The down-tube bash plate looks great, like stock. - if they made them stock. After riding a 100cc Honda step through SE Asia I can certainly see the use of a bash plate for some types of riding - for instance, it makes sliding over logs pretty easy. Did you make a cut out for the oil drain plug? Did you have to find a center stand elsewhere? Yours is a '82, right? With CDI?
Thanks. I have always maintained it so it has held up well. I did cut out a hole for the oil drain plug. The center stand is an all OEM Honda setup from They carry all sorts of parts for these bikes in the U.S. Yes mine is an '82 12-volt CDI bike.

Go into more detail on what you are planning to do.

Where? Lots of dirt? How long? Far?

Bigger bore and upgraded clutch will make things easier. Just saying.....
Sorry I guess I missed your post. Yes there will be lots of dirt, rocks, and mud. I am going to attempt the full Trans America Trail this summer. I have as much time as it takes. I've considered upgrading to a 88cc piston/cylinder setup but I am tempted to just leave the bike alone even if it means helping it up the steeper sections. I'm not sure how much more power the stock bottom end and transmission can reliably handle.
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