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Originally Posted by GISdood View Post
So, next time you're out on the road you'll be leaving hybrid safety-cone-mameshibas near the trailside, now?

I'm not crafty at all, so I have no idea what such an offspring might look like.
Originally Posted by PinkPillion View Post
Say W H A T GISdood?
Like my little guy. (Captured at Tea Kettle Junction DV 2012) Sorta mameshibish.

Enjoying every post Littlewan. You are almost to our neck of the woods.
-and who knew hippos had pink sweat.
Hi guys,
I hadn't thought about a cone/bean hybrid, but PinkPillion is right - it would probably be similar to her little guy!

Still so glad you got him before they threw out all the tea kettles!
(Yep, we're slowly making our way towards Cali. We thought of you...)

Oh, here's an orange mameshiba -

This one's wearing a swimming pool floaty ring - it gives him that cone look...

Hmmm. I'll have to work on that. Coneyshiba! (Mameconey?)

Anyway, great idea GISdood! Thanks!
Heh, that reminds me -
I saw this the other day...

It was something about Shatner being the Mooseking of Canada...

Originally Posted by Rwelch360 View Post
Wednesday I went out for asian food for lunch. Crispy vegetable spring rolls, Edamame, and Sesame chicken. YUM!
I was so tempted to keep a pod and pull out a bean and draw a face on it and bring it home for Landon
We love Memeshiba!!
Aw, you and Landon are so cute! I still crack up over that story - "dad, I have a secret... OH HAI!"
I haven't made any mameshiba yet (too busy), but I think I'll have to put that on my list.
Landon needs an edamame friend...

Originally Posted by HardWorkingDog View Post
Little Bean Dogs! one a day trivia lalala

Hai. I gets it now!
You m-m-m-m-make me happy, Mameshiba!

I'm so glad you can fully appreciate them now!

Originally Posted by Rockcat View Post
Thank you, that was awesome. Unlike your riding video's I never felt like I was going to crash...

Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Reflections of a trail, well done.

Thanks, Rob! I hope you don't get sick of it, I did a bunch more.
I really like that trail.
Hey, have you ever been on crane mtn? I know you've been all over that part of oregon...

Originally Posted by sion View Post
from the Oddballs and Other Roadside Attractions with Your Bike thread

details here:

Wann, Oklahoma!

Haha, we've never seen that before.
Matt and I have gone through OK on I-40 a bunch of times, but never been up to Wann.
Next time, we might have to take a detour for the photo op.

Thanks, sion!

Day 52: 8/12/12 continued
Christmas Valley, OR to Ram Horn Campground, CA 306 miles

This is one of those endless days...
I can sum up hundreds of miles of slab with a few pics and a couple sentences,
but when the trail is good...
You get a blow by blow account of every rock.

I recognized this spot...
See that rock with the pink dot? It has a little split... I also marked it in the next photo.

In 2010, Matt was so exhausted after wrestling the bike through the trees, over the snow...
(there was no obvious trail at the time, it was covered in snow and logs)
He had a little crash here. Right onto those big rocks in middle.
The arrow shows the path he was riding...

It was so scary.
Good thing neither he nor the bike got hurt!
We would have been seriously screwed.

The trail had a surprising number of landmarks.
Y'know, considering it's all trees and rocks. Nothing man made.
We remembered this big tree...

Last time, it was sort of hanging there...

I was scared it was going to fall and crush us.

It was really neat to ride this trail again.
And so much easier without the snow!

This is another spot where I have a snow pic...

Looking back the other way, 2010

I wasn’t quite sure this was the right spot, until I checked the rock with the pink dot.
Yep, same rock, opposite direction.

This part - Gah!
It’s steep. I think you can kind of see it in the photo from 2010...
I took this as I was walking up the hill.

But it just doesn’t look that bad, going the other direction.
The GoPro doesn’t capture it very well, but it was no joke.
You can hear us break out the nervous laughter in the video (coming up)

I really had fun finding the same rocks and trees.
With snow...

Without (looking the opposite direction)

With snow...note the fallen tree.

Without (opposite direction).

The schoolbus felt extra wide on this trail.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a lot of the trees closest to the road are missing big chunks of bark!

These rocks looked familiar...

Yep, here they are in 2010!
we had stopped to check out some snow...

Okay. I think that's enough for today. I'm so tired.
Gotta figure out what to do about video, too.

I really enjoy the video we shot, but it might be boring for you guys.
This next one is short, but it’s a nice representation of the trail.

Matt was trying to challenge himself by riding this stuff without putting his foot down at all.
Remember, we’re on the schoolbus with full bags!

OK - no dabsies!
Hey look, right there in the thumbnail, you can see that tree is missing a bunch of bark!
HD for the rocks!

Well, it's friday night - normally you'd get some Mameshiba.
But now that I posted that last batch of sub-titled ones, you guys have seen all the Mameshiba videos.

Except one.

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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