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Leaving Mexico

Taking my leave from Palenque I decide to try and head to Tikal. In what I am finding true Google maps style there is no road posted between the two places. My paper maps also leave me wondering. I don’t want to head all the way south just to come back up again. A quick internet search gives me a lead the wonders of ADV come back into play, with Cal and Guaterider and Huzar always at the ready to assist me in my journeys! Thank you all! So I head towards El Cebio
At times I have such poor Internet searching for info is tough. And I have to admit I am a terrible planner and researcher when on the road. So I am thankful for the wonderful help and leads from others. The border crossing for me was just as was posted, down to the man coming out to take a picture of my bike on the Mexican side. On the Guatemalan side the paperwork is still completed in a truck on the side of the road. The staff on both sides of the border are friendly and the process is smooth. Once again I get inquisitive questions ‘Solitia?’ Seems to be the ongoing questions on everyone’s lips.

I travel fast on the newly made roads of the north. I reflect that I have not been on such good roads for a while. But contrasting this is the poorer style housing of the people, the masses of free range pigs wandering the roads, turkeys are also predominant. Yet a seeming lack of gardens and land that is being put to use. Just open spaces. Notes in the lonely planet talk of the new roads causing the farmers to move north, slashing and burning the jungle, then a few short years later finding the land less arable as the soil cannot sustain the growth. And then I see people carrying what seems to be water in pots on their head. ‘No’ I think, ‘Really?’. The poverty starts to hit me.

I arrive at the lovely Isle of Flores, and wander round trying to find a hotel where I can securely park my bike. After 3 or 4 I find a relatively cheap one where I can bring the bike into the restaurant after dark. It might be safe for the bike, but my room leaves a little to be desired. The rickety stairs leading up to the door stop just past he door with no landing. Guess the building code did not apply here!

After a beautiful sunset and a relaxed morning, I head off to Tikal.
Alaska to Patagonia .....
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