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Well that blows (suspension-wise). I picked up a leftover '11 back in March and put on about 6k so far. I was in between this and the CB1000R. The dealership knocked off almost $1500 from the tag so I walked out with it for $7k. Couldn't justify an extra $3.5k for the CB.

Good little bike but does seem like it's a bit restrained for an 800. I'm sure a chip and pipe will break it free. I really can't complain about the suspension. Seems fine for me at 145lbs. Ergos and nice (I'm 5'4"). I can put on 500 miles in a day easily without feeling like ass afterwards.

Handles real well. Really nimble and light. Stops on a dime. Gearbox appears a bit clunky but seems to be still breaking in. Has a little oomph-kicker at 3.5k RPMs and then a big one at 6k.

I got this before knowing the CB1100 was coming to the US so I might have to trade in. The FZ8 is a nice bike but I have a thing for the old-looking CB's.
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