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That's still sitting on my deeveeare. Gotta get to it.

The Austin track looks great on TV. The camera at the beginning of the front straight really shoes the dip and rise into turn 1, and the esses shot is tremendous. Turn 1 seems to confuse the drivers, so here's hoping there's lots of action there.

Sure looks like a premier facility. I hope they can keep the race for a long time. The great crowd for practice is an encouraging sign.

I'd say I was looking forward to the race, but early signs are of another Red Bull cheating car romp. Speaking of which, as expected Charlie Whiting announced new tests for flexing body parts, to be introduced next season. Suppose we'll see what we saw this season: Red Bull slumps as the rules are enforced, then they rise again when they find a new cheat.

Ah well, forget that. I'll just enjoy the spectacle of a F1 race at a great-looking track in the United States.

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