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Originally Posted by DougZ73 View Post
While I am on a posting frenzy, I have some thoughts on carrying extra fuel. I have been seeing a lot of people posting about buying these bigger after market tanks, and consequently having plenty of issues with them.

It makes me wonder how much fuel capacity is typically being gained?? And is it worth all the head aches of changing tanks, swapping the fuel pumps( and potentially breaking that angle thing), and the wing/vacuum pump issues?

Unfortunately, I do not have any long trips in my near future, where I would require going a long distance and needing extra fuel. BUT, if I were gonna do a larger fuel consumption setup, it would probably be the stock tank, and two one gallon RotoPax, bolted to the tail rack. That would be 4 gallons of fuel capacity. if I needed more than that, I would potentially also get one of those flexible fuel bladders, for an addition gallon( total 5 gallons)

In my case it is a resounding "yes". I will concur that I had some concerns about changing the fuel system but in my case I went with the Safari which has a pretty good record and minimises the changes (e.g. keep the stock pump and add a fuel pickup to pull fuel out of the wings). At the time the IMS tanks were new or still being designed so I never looked at them.

The Safari looks pretty good on the bike and aside from noticing my knees were a little more spread in the seated position than when I had the stock tank, I didn't feel there was any difference with the handling even when the tank was full. As a bonus, due to the wings you get a little more crash protection over the stock set up too ...

For me 14L was still not enough for the most recent trip so I supplemented it with a 4L fuel bladder. With this I feel my safe distance is 400kms although I have done 377kms on just the Safari before I chickened out and used the bladder.

Personally, I would definitely go for a larger fuel tank over the rotopax on the back of the bike. On my long trip I was already carrying a lot of weight on the back (especially when I had the bladder fuel and strapped on top of my soft luggage) and the handling was fairly poor once I got onto some of the sandy roads I experienced during the trip. But then again the Safari tank is a fairly expensive option ...

My 2c ...
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