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Originally Posted by larrylarry75 View Post
Man saying shit like "And the berg may make u have to pass the local motorcycle roadhouse in shame and park across the street." freaking amazes me. I guess I'm lucky, I don't actually give a damn what other people think about me when I'm riding a scooter. I'm not getting into a pissing match with you or anyone else about "manliness" but it's going to be a cold day in hell when I let other people dictate to me what to ride. I know exactly what the OP is trying to deal with, he's realized there are better ways for him to enjoy riding and he's going for it, ego be damned. If you feel the need to park your scoot in the dark I'd say it's time for you to sell out, go buy a do-rag and buddy up to the assholes who're dictating to you how to live. What a pity.

Many times I have had big rig riders including Harley guys come up to me to ask me about my bike. The only putdowns I've gotten are from other scooter riders who can't comprehend that there are vast differences in handling between a Burgman and a big wheel middleweight. Their loss.
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