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Originally Posted by cdwise View Post
We had a Burgman 400. While I could handle it at slow speeds my husband hated riding it at anything slower than freeway speeds. Around the garage he never got the knack of moving it around. We both felt it had pig like characteristics below 20-25mph. I prefer the shorter wheelbase and balance of the traditional style scooter. I find them to be extremely stable at slow speeds and can balance my GTS or Buddy longer without putting a foot down than I ever could the Burgman 400. I think which you find better is also a function of ergonomics and experience. FWIW, most of the folks I know who love their Burgman 650 has come from a motorcycle background. While those who prefer the Vespa, Buddy, Kymco People and similar styles start on them and move up or not. Though there is a surprising number of Harley riders who buy and love Vespas. I remember a thread a few years ago on Modern Buddy from a guy used to riding big bikes. He kept complaining that the Buddy was "squirrelly" and very unstable. He had nothing good to say about the handling for the first few months he owned it. I'm not sure if he ever got over how "twitchy" to quote him the 10" wheels were since I don't recall seeing anything from him recently.

Our Burgman 400 was a 2007 and it just didn't suit either of us. We bought it because he really liked the looks, had heard such good things about the Burgmans and thought it would be a good choice for some touring we had planned. I have friends who think the Burgman 400 is the best thing since sliced bread, others who swear by the 650 which weighs far more than I want. Heck, it weights over 100lbs more than the Mana (which I keep eying) or one of the other motorcycles I've occasionally considered buying (but my husband would want me to sell one of the others if I bought another bike and I'm not willing to do that right now.)

I've ridden the Kymco Xciting and Yamaha T-Max and none of them suits me though of the 3 I think the Xciting was the best of the maxi for me, if I had to ride a maxi. I may test ride the new BMW just for chits and grins but its step through is so high I'd just as soon ride a motorcycle.

I do think it is a good thing there is a variety of bikes/scoots available because there is no one bike that will suit everyone.

BTW, I agree that it is easier to flat foot a Burgman and a GTS. My husband has a 29" inseam and he could flat foot our Burgman 400. Houston Metro cops use Burgman 400s for their motorcycle cops.
The deal with the 400 Burgman's is that they are touchy about tire pressure. Keep the tires up to spec faithfully and set your rear preload at the max and your Burgman will corner like nobodies business. It won't even seem like the same bike.
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