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This is something I have struggled with for a long time. Until now I used to lube it after pulling into the garage while the chain was still warm. The next morning before I took off I'd wipe any excess lube off the chain. Fling would still get all over the bike, but not as much as before I wiped it. I finally broke down and bought the Scott's oiler for my V-Strom 650. This thing is well worth the money. Since it only puts a drop on every minute or so, there is a lot less fling to clean off when I wash the bike. Before as soon as I'd start off, globs of excess lube would just fling off all at once. Now when it does, its very little comparatively speaking. It also puts the lube right where it needs it, and does it while its warm which lets it soak right in. In about 300 miles I'll replace my stock chain and sprockets. The sprockets look pretty decent, but I'm a bit worried about the chain. I'm about to take off on a 3000+ mile trip for 8 days and don't want to have to worry about it. The stock chain now has 23,550 miles on it.
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