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possessing a vehicle that has the original manufacturer's ID removed is a federal felony

We are talking about USING the original ID in the build. Not removing it, altering it, USING it.

Funny when I went to get my stolen/recovered VW Cabriolet from the impound yard, it had the Public Vin Removed. They gave me the vehicle, I put my dealer plate on it and drove it back to the car lot. I possessed it. I fixed and replaced all the stolen/damaged items, had a VIN made and sold it in a VERY large vehicle auction complex that runs every VIN and inspects every VIN before entry to auction is allowed. Possessed and drove that thing for a couple of months prior to sale. Expect the buyer possesses it and drives it too.

weasel like that though, haven't heard that one.

Don't think I used rationalize.....interpretation sure.....just like the Judge interpreted the law so you could drive your Manx Buggy.
So go on Ebay and 'search' kit car...I do..almost daily. You will find hundreds of Fiero's and Mustangs and all manner of crap disguised as fast, hot cars. All of them running on a VIN from the original mundane vehicle. Pontiac Fiero Ferrari's!
Bugatti VW's. Ferrari Daytona Datsuns. Ford Pinto Model A Fords. Some of these vehicles are offered for over $50,000.

So, whats to stop me pulling the body off my VW Bug and throwing on a Porsche 356 Cab body on top? NOTHING, I've done it and sold them on the used car lot. I've slammed Bugs, raised Bugs, shortened Bugs, cut the roof off Bugs, welded two different Bugs together. I made a whole new frame for a Ford Model A and used the vin from the original vehicle I had. Nothing was original on that car except the VIN. V8 engine replaced a flat four, all wheels and suspension was brand new up to date equipment, the inside looked like an aircraft, guess what? was a 32 Ford...sure was...not weasel worded interpreted as was/is one....mine and thousands of others in possession by enthusiasts all over USA.

It's all about's not a weasel's in Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary:

2: an instance of artistic interpretation in performance or ADAPTATION.
2: to conceive in the light of individual belief, judgement, or CIRCUMSTANCE.
3: to REPRESENT by means of art.

Take a look at the web site in which a guy puts a JET ENGINE in the back of a New Beetle and keeps the OEM in front.
Fun times at the smog station. Fun times when he encounters LEO.

It's called 'vehicle customizing''s the great American pastime. It's not a crime.
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