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Thanks guys I guess it's not that complicated after all.

I had a talk with an IT buddy and he said i5 quad core running 3 ghz or faster, ssd as a scratch, couple regular 1T drives for storage, 16 g ram and some other stuff I forgot

He did say the new I7 processor would be a waste for me because the processors are so fast these days that it's the other components that slow everything down.

With that said, I checked out the components you guys recommended and had a look around newegg. What about one of the pre packaged kits that includes everything?

Seems like there is a nice discount and many packages available. I'm not doing any gaming so I don't think I need some turbo graphics card. I get lost in the variations in graphics cards etc. can you recommend one of the packages that I can either upgrade memory or add a ssd to?

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