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You joined the club!

I've hit a dog and gone over the bars, totaled my helmet and had major road rash, hit a cow on a dirt road but got slowed down to about 20 or so, still hurt but not serious. Then the cow tried to jump up, got tangled in my bike, broke 3 spokes and stomped a big dent in the gas tank. Hit a huge buck, but my front tire slid up between it's hind legs, and it kicked both feet at my head like a mule would, but just hit the bars with a hoof. I was almost stopped when I hit it, but fell over from the shock and the buck was trying so hard to run away he tripped over his own feet, (hooves)? and fell once before taking off. Now THAT was too funny! Only time I've seen a deer be clumsy. I hit a 4ft by 4 ft cardboard box on the interstate, yes those dimensions are correct. 4 feet tall and wide! I just grazed it and didn't crash. It was empty but still probably weighed 70 lbs or more being so big.If I had hit it head on it would have been bad. I've been hit by a car from behind at a light, didn't get hurt. Had a bat fly in my mouth! One wing went inside my mouth, and the bat was stuck in the side of my helmet for a second or two. Hit a crow at about 90mph, it exploded on my faceshield which was half way open. I had to stop and wipe off the bird blood and bird crap from outside and inside on my face. I've had 3 head ons with Quads on off road bikes, no one got seriously hurt. Hit a 6ft long black snake on a dirt bike, which the front tire flipped up into my lap. I crashed from fear alone,which just put me closer to the snake! I saw a competitor hit a cow so hard the cow had to be butchered, the poor guy flew about 30 feet over the cow and landed hard but got up and finished the race in 3rd place! I hit a spectator during a race with my bark buster and broke his hand. Idiot was trying to lean out over the race trail and take a close up picture! My helmet grazed his face just barely, but he had dropped his camera which was on a lanyard on his neck or the camera would have hit my helmet.

But I've never seen, heard of, or imagined that someone could hit a deer so hard that it would do THAT to a bike or the deer! I've seen deer hit by cars that didn't do that much damage. You are indeed lucky to be alive. Do they make cattle catchers for bikes like they used to put on freight trains?
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