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Originally Posted by robfilms View Post
good replies-thank you one and all.

I've never used stabil/seafoam.

Pour in a can when the gas tank is empty and then fill up the gas tank? in a car yes, your bike i would just pour in a bit, or mix with the directions on the bottle. Iirc it's a oz or 2 per gallon. Same with the stabil.

i imagine then run the bike for more than a few miles to "mix" the stabil/seafoam with the gas? yep.

(is there a preference between stabil and seafoam? Are they different or brand names of the same type of liquid?). no, but my limited research suggests that sf is the way to go, for it's other benefits. Where stabil is for only 1 thing.

since my z750s has fuel injection, is there anything i can do to keep the fuel jets clean? no jets in injection, but you do have injectors. They do have small holes that can become plugged, but unless you use really shitty gas this shouldn't be a problem, because of the pressures involved. Most carbs are gravity operated, injectors run at 35-50 psi.

i'm not a guy who gets cold very fast.

I know how to layer and my gear-most bought used on the flea market board!-all has various liners.

That said, i am a true noob.

I do not know how to create a lead off the battery to heat the grips or power a heated vest/jacket. if you get a battery tender of some sort, it will come with the wire you want. Then go to the auto parts store, in the trailer/towing area they will have electrical connectors, get the one that matches the one that came with the battery tender. It'll actually have 2 ends, just clip the wire and presto, 2 new leads.

any really simple web videos that someone can recommend for creating an electric aux on my 2006 z750s? any bike video will be similar, but search on youtube a bit and you'll find something. Otherwise shoot me a pm or post back here and we'll get you going.

again, thanks in advance for any and all thoughts.

Be well.

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