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Originally Posted by ScienceOfDirt View Post
I actually looked into getting a dealer license so I could do this with dealer plates. County or state, don't remember, said they wouldn't approve me because I did not have a dedicated service space, or something to that effect at my current location. Something about signage was also a problem. When I get less busy, I may look into it again, as I still seem to be accumulating vehicles.
That dealer tag thing is shaky ground. I am a silent partner in a car lot and am getting a dealer license of my own next year (as long as the property we are buying doesn't fall through), and there are a bunch of regulations around D tags. We had to jump through a ton of hoops to get licensed and the BMV does random inspections to make sure you are meeting all their rules (we got a nastigram for grass growing through cracks in the blacktop..)

D tags are supposed to only be for transporting vehicles from lot to lot or for test drives, everything else is technically not allowed, and you REALLY don't want to be caught with a dealer plate on a vehicle that is in a person's name and not a dealership's. Most authorities are lenient, but I got popped by a trooper on 71 by Lodi for running on a D tag, I was in a car that was titled in the lot's name, but we were running up to pick up titles and I was dumb enough to tell the trooper that. I wouldn't want to have to answer too many questions about why you were riding on public land with one, sounds like a good way to get hassled.
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