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Speaking of snowmobiles, a couple of years ago a friend and I were in a country town 200km north of Melbourne to look at what turned out to be my new (2nd hand) Kawasaki Sherpa, and one of the bike shops in town was having a demo day for the Can-Am Spyders. Well, we both had our helmets and gear, so we signed up and had a ride.

They were very peculiar.

They were as wide as a car and as exposed as a bike. They were the price of a respectable second hand MX5/Miata.

The ride started with several km of dead straight two lane rural highway due east of town (Shepparton for the Aussies) in a blustery southerly wind and we were being blown about quite a bit. And the thing was, our natural instinct to counter steer very slightly into the gusts had exactly the opposite of the desired effect, leading to weaving down the road feeling certain you were going to spear off the road due to a software incompatibility in your head. A bit like a motorcyclist trying to use an outboard motor with a tiller mounted throttle which rotates the opposite direction.

Towards the end of our test ride we were both beginning to come to terms with them, and they were kind of interesting to ride, but we couldn't really see the point as an alternative to either a big bike or a small open sports car. (We have a friend who rides and also drives an MX5; it's a really nice car)

We were discussing our experiences afterwards when it finally dawned on us what market they are aimed at.

They're a fair weather snowmobile.

So if you're filling up your Spyder one day at a petrol station in Melbourne and some twit on a Sherpa comes over and asks you how you like your snowmobile, now you'll know why I asked such a stupid question.
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