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Originally Posted by MentalGuru View Post
Try again...

With a 1" front drop and a 3" rear drop the handling will be slow, the front end will want to wash out easier.

The frame will bottom out on the ground before the suspension bottoms out.

This can injure you and damage the bike.

It seems smoother on small chop bumps because of the increased chopperish rake and the decreased swing arm angle.

Ride improvement - Yes.

Handling improvement - No


Settle down, dude.

The OP did this for his wife. If the rider this mod is intended for never intends to go off road then there's no harm.

I agree that there'll be trouble if a bike with this mod is ridden hard off road. And there are other mods that can be done to shorten the travel if you really wanted to lower this bike for an off-road rider.

Your warning is well meaning, but a bit over the top.
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