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It's not made in Japan, but neither are most other Japanese bikes these days, and that doesn't seem to bother anyone. It is probably made in Taiwan or Thailand. I'm sure it is not actually made in Mainland China. If it were, it would be the first Japanese bike sold in the U.S. that was.

It's comparison to the TU250 is probably the same as comparing my local dealers prices of $3200 for the 2012 CBR, which is far more technically advanced, but not made in Japan, to the $3700 for the 2012 Rebel, which is a technological dinosaur (but I like that, if only I fit on it) but is made in Japan.

Suzuki may have also planned to price it higher, but had to drop the price in light of unforseen competition. If that is the case, it will probably not remain in the U.S. market because there would be no profit in selling it here.

In any event, I certainly intend to check it out, it looks like a great bike for short road trips, of 1000 miles or less, is freeway legal, cheap (if that price is accurate) and very different from any other 250 out there.
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