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Originally Posted by sailah View Post
Thanks guys I guess it's not that complicated after all.

I had a talk with an IT buddy and he said i5 quad core running 3 ghz or faster, ssd as a scratch, couple regular 1T drives for storage, 16 g ram and some other stuff I forgot

He did say the new I7 processor would be a waste for me because the processors are so fast these days that it's the other components that slow everything down.

With that said, I checked out the components you guys recommended and had a look around newegg. What about one of the pre packaged kits that includes everything?

Seems like there is a nice discount and many packages available. I'm not doing any gaming so I don't think I need some turbo graphics card. I get lost in the variations in graphics cards etc. can you recommend one of the packages that I can either upgrade memory or add a ssd to?

The i5's are okay, but for the money and the workload you're describing the 8 core AMD's are a better tool for the job for less money. isn't a bad combo, you'd have to add an SSD and graphics card.

If you really want the i5, this combo isn't bad either.

needs a SSD and graphics card as well.

Graphics card selection can border on religious for some people. If you're just editing video and playing video, you don't need a badass gaming card. However, some software is going gpgpu compute to apply filters and effects to photos and video, in which case a badass graphics card can speed up your workloads. Depends on what software you plan to use and if you actually care if something takes ten hours or nine to render.

In the 140 buck range, these two cards are pretty good.

Good luck! Building a computer isn't hard.
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