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Originally Posted by nightflyer View Post
From the Pacific I took the same road as you when I was there couple years back (I was suppose to meet up with Crashmaster but he stayed behind surfing, but that's another story!). I was so stunned by the Sumidero Canyon form the road that I rode down and did the boat tour on the river. Not my thing to go for the touristy thing usually but it was well worth it. Funny to see the kids with their sheep herds swimming in the river when 20 feet from there huge crocs were resting on the shore...

Great report, it brings back nice memories... good luck with the rest of the adventure
Bonjour Dépliantnuit,

Checked out your blog and see you hail from Montréal. A French Canadian in Kazakstan with a KTM sounds like a fun combination. The Pamir highway is just south of you. You must be a canyon afficianado as well.

Anyway, glad to be of service. Reading ride reports in between rides brings back fond memories for me as well.
I'll have to take that boat ride some day. It was a beautiful canyon.

Très cordialement,
Jean Thomas
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