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Synthetic oil is available all over Mexico in the modern autoparts stores
like Autozone et al, at Soriana, Walmart and many of the small Tiendas de
Autopartes . Just look around if you must have it. Not sold at barrel gas

Norschweger, you may not have a "title" if the bike is registered in Canada . "TITLE" is a USA peculiarity.
The Canadian provincial vehicle registries (Ontario is my example) only issue an "ownership and registration" which is your proof that you have the rights to the bike and are allowed to use it legally without worries about being charged with having a stolen vehicle . This is all I have ever required to travel through Mexico and Central America
Nowhere was I ever asked to show Canadian insurance papers, they are worthless in Mexico and beyond and have no use for proving ownership.
The IMPORTANT thing is to have the same name on your Passport, your Drivers License , the motorcycle ownership and registration and your CREDIT CARD.
Your Canadian insurance is valid in the USA up to the date it expires. If the cops stop you after that date in the USA you may have a problem in states where liability insurance is compulsory .
You must buy liability for MEXICO before you cross the border.It is sold at many points in the US and it comes in a variety of types.
You can buy LIABILITY for a short trip of known time duration which lists yourname and the motorcycle VIN
This gets pricy for long durations.
You can buy "Drivers License " (DL) insurance for public liability which lists your name and drivers license number only and gives you the choice of taking a car or a bike into Mexico under the same policy.You can buy this for a FULL YEAR at a price which is less than a month for the VIN dedicated insurance.
There are varous sources for the DL insurance some cost less than others but some also will not cover motorcycles ,so investigate.

I just renewed my own DL policy for an entire year yesterday after being re-assured that it does cover bikes. For the grand sum of $163.60 I have coverage of $100 000 for liability, $50 000 for legal assistance and Travel Assistance in case of accident and mechanical breakdown where the vehicle is inoperable.My source is MexUS Insurance Services ,Inc easily found on the web.
In a single year I make a car trip and one or two motorcycle trips ,sometimes on two different bikes , and I am covered all the time by the single DL policy
If you are planning on spending more than 34 days traversing and enjoying Mexico this DL package is all you need and a money saver.
Of course fire theft and catastrophic loss of the bike are not included in this price. Most insurance companies shy away from this comprehensive insurance for bikes , or if offered they will ask a fortune. You can live with the risk if you ride sensibly and keep an eye on the bike, park in secure areas etc etc.

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