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Why a 690?

I'd bought the bike in the pic (I hope) below a number of years previously, and it had served me brilliantly thru the Continental Divide in 2007, across the Sahara in 2009, various jaunts to Morocco, Spain etc amounting to about 10000 very tough offroad miles. Durability and reliability are alas capital, not income and after having binned the bike maybe 100 times, cartwheeled it twice (it hurts) and generally beaten the bejasus out of it I thought I'd trade up to something more modern, low miles and that would tolerate fuel with the octane rating of chip fat. Experience in Mali had demonstrated that the 625 just won't take anything less than 91 octane without emitting appalling banging noises that presage the piston striking your cojones. Below 85 Octane it just stopped after a few miles. In some parts of Mongolia and Siberia it was a cert that the only fuel we'd get would be 80 octane so the 625 was out, great bike tho' it had surely been. The wisdom of this choice will be revealed across the next weeks.
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