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Originally Posted by 'Flagger View Post
Settle down, dude.

The OP did this for his wife. If the rider this mod is intended for never intends to go off road then there's no harm.

I agree that there'll be trouble if a bike with this mod is ridden hard off road. And there are other mods that can be done to shorten the travel if you really wanted to lower this bike for an off-road rider.

Your warning is well meaning, but a bit over the top.

I call it like I see it. This mod is not safe.

I would never do this mod for anybody, but for a family member, thats even worse.

If the bike is never intended to be ridden then there is no harm with this mod.

The only safe way to lower a CRF250L's suspension is to shorten the suspension travel the same amount you lower the bike.

See update further down the page!!!

Since the shock is not rebuildable it will need replacement.

Even on the street this mod is dangerous. Having the frame hit while turning into a parking lot is a definate possibiliy. Thats just one of the many risks.

Having almost 2" more suspension travel then ground clearance is very dangerous. No ifs, ands, or buts about it...

This mod requires "Disclaimer's" and "Warnings" .

A mod should never add this type of design flaw and risk. It could cost a life.

I would rather way be over the top then see a person injured from an unsafe mod that didn't even warn about the serious risks and flaws it adds.

Thats all for now.
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