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Originally Posted by bk brkr baker View Post
Totally understand your mild level of enthusiasm for the Keys.
In their favor. 1. They are islands.
2. Easy to get to.
3. ?
My history of islands is pretty short. First the Keys, several times. Then some of the Bahamas.
Then several of the Hawaiian Islands.
Nothing else I've seen comes close to Hawaii. I need to get out more but, Hawaii is what I want in an island chain.
Hi bk brkr baker, Cuttle is right, I did spend 23 years in Hawaii on the island of Kauai.
My son still lives there. I am not sure though if I wish to live there again. The cost of living is so high!
When I left a gallon of milk was almost $8! Not to mention the high rent and gas.
Beauty comes at a price!

Originally Posted by Cuttle View Post
Esther did spend decades in Hawaii - off course the Keys won't do it for her.
And honestly, I never got the fascination about the Keys either (or Florida as a whole).
Hey Silke, any snow yet? I wished it was closer by, I would love to be in it for a few days!
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