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Originally Posted by ggamster View Post
I am so sick of you fucks that act like you know everything! Have you riden my mother fucking bike? Do you even own this model? Have you done the mod? Then stay the fuck off my post! I have riden this bike and it does quite well for the pos it is! Any time you lower the back of the bike more than the front you change the geometry. It is not my mod that does this it is lowering in general. Maybe you would suggest foot implants for my wife or a dr200 that won't go 55 for her to be on the highway with. Would that be safer.

No I have not ridden your bike nor would I knowing this has been done.

I have ridden a CRF250L but do not own one.

That is not the issue. Safety is. This mod is unsafe, plain and simple.

I would suggest lowering the bike properly and safely.

I wonder what your wife would think if she had all the info in front of her.

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