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What wuz changed

The bits required to change what's allegedly a off-the-shelf-ready-to-go enduro (yeah really..with a plastic bashplate?) bike into an overlander were thus:

Safari fuel tank. The original under-the-seat job holds about 12 litres, so with the Safari you end up with about 26 litres-just less than 6 Imperial gallons and maybe 7 U.S Gallons. Someone will correct me I'm sure.
Adventure fairing from RallyRaid Products -this is seriously good kit. Everything bolts on just as the instructions say they will-who'dathunkit? I already had a KTM Adventure headlight from a bike I took in from the US.
GI-T Bashplate from Dave and Chris at Adventure Spec
The rad is terribly vulnerable as standard; so radguard frame from RallyRaid.
Bar risers as the standard bar height makes you crouch when standing on the pegs. RallyRaid again.
The KTM 690 standard seat is as usual on a KTM, a shocker so I had Tony Archer in Huddersfield build me one.
I swapped the TKC 80 rear for a Dunlop D908 RR. A very stiff tyre with a long( not tall) centre knob so its very aggressive in mud and dirt but still wears well. Turned out to be a great choice
I left the TKC 80 on the front as they had served me well in the desert and Morocco. Big mistake as we'll see.
Other stuff I can't remember but that was the essence of it

GPS was a Garmin Montana. I can't praise it highly enough. As one who's done everything so far, TAT, CD, Salt & Gold, Pyrenees etc etc on rollchart, map and compass I'm now a convert.

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