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I forgot to mention the second part of my reply about your posts Dave. A good song writer, writes the song that comes from with in. The insterment in hand is the tool used to express this; eg...... his words/ voice/ guitar/ base/ drums/ horn...... ect....

Your tool is the camera Dave, and I know that you want more; this is ok to want this for your self, and with us that truely enjoy having experienced your hard work you have posted on this sight. I wanted more for my self and my friends, so I took up the Jeathrow Bowdean higher learning skill so I can see the world from a diffrent angle. It has been a long road of 46 years.

Vission/ sounds/ and words are what capture the human soul from with in Dave, and we humans only need one of the two. It would be nice to cover all the bases so nothing is left out, but some where or thing will never satisfy us totally with our own works. There is a saying that I heard a few years back, and it still rings true today.

Price/ Quality/ and Time; Pick any of the two, but you can not have all Three. From what I see of your posts Dave, I see you picked quality and time. You picked this because you wanted to steep up the game plan, and I must say that you have set the bar very high.

But then again, what do I know about this stuff. Ha. From Jeathrow Bowdean in Western Canada.
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