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Originally Posted by BMW Kurt View Post
Sorry if this is off topic or 205

Question for all you acoustic types...

I have used medium guage strings on my Martin since dinosaurs roamed the planet. My old fingers are starting to feel the pain through the callouses. Is there a huge difference in using light gauge strings? I know I could just go out and buy a set, but I'd like to hear your experiences.
Yes, you'll notice a difference....................mainly in tone. The tone is going to be weaker with lights or extra-lights. Yes, it will be a little bit easier on your fingers, but to me it's only a moderate difference and one I'm not willing to sacrifice tone for.

I always ask people "What is a guitar manufacturers job?"

Answer: To sell guitars.

How do they do that? By making them sound as good as they can and play at least moderately easy. To me it's worth noting that nearly every manufacturer ships their guitars with .012-.54's or thereabouts, not .010-.50. The heavier strings just sound that much better and don't really make it largely noticeably harder to play.
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