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My 12 690R is OK for all day regarding every aspect but the seat. I bought a new Seat Concepts seat and will try my first ride on it today. Also mine is just as good at 80 as my KTM 950 was. It is smooth and getting smoother all the time. I have about 3k miles so far. I figure another thousand miles will deliver me the motor I'm going to have. Right now it is vibey between 66-73mph. Not hand sleep vibey, but it vibes. Slower or faster and it is remarkably smooth. I have no idea why.

Mine is set up for travel. The reason I went from a twin to the 690 is weight and agility when exploring solo. If you don't expect to be solo trying to navigate occasional rock gardens, mud and sand washes, it's pretty hard to beat the 990.

On the other hand, you really shouldn't try that stuff solo on the twin if you struggle to pick it up by yourself.

Lastly the new larger bore 690R is remarkably fast. It accelerates as hard as my 950 did up to near 100mph. I mean it gets there in a flash. I think my 950 made about 85hp and weighed about 500lbs. The 690 makes 66hp and is 150lbs lighter. Of course the 990 is a more powerful motorcycle than my 950 was.
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