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Now, I understand that suicide is escape from pain. We who are not in pain can’t relate. Some of us who are in pain can embrace it and live on, standing as a powerful example to others. Others are what an old friend of mine called “no load individuals”. They have so little strength that not only can they not carry others, they cannot carry themselves.
I can tell you when you are in that dark place and there are no lights for a way out, it is very very hard to get turned around.....
I would not be typing this today if it weren't for that small glimmer and the feeling of guilt of leaving others behind to suffer the loss.....

The pain can be very hard to deal with and when you feel all hope is gone, that ending looks like a blessing.....
And as already stated, for those that have never felt that over whelming emotion of dispair, it is one that you cannot understand. I didn't for the first 46 years of my life. I saw it as some here have stated......but now being in that position and having that understanding, I will NEVER look down on another that is struggling like I did!!!! And if giving the chance, I will try and help them to see that there can be ways out of most of it.

That all being said, I also see the "I do not want to be a burden on others" side of things and I respect that......

Where I am today is a good place, and if I was told that I would not be here for much longer, I would try and do and see as much as I can before I couldn' is a gift!!!!
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