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Pledge vs Plexus Ingredients

I've been doing some searching for Pledge vs Plexus and "best faceshield cleaner polish" and I'm still wondering if Plexus has any advantage over Pledge. Still looking for information on other cleaner/polishes too.

I did find this contribution by XLonDL650 at the Stromtroopers Forum:

" Plexus vs Lemon Pledge Ingredient Comparison
I recently purchased a new Lexan winshield for my Strom(V-Stream), and noticed a warning label to not use alcohol or ammonia based cleaner on it. I already knew this, but wondered if my old cleaner(Lemon Pledge) would be suitable for Lexan. So, I did some internet research to try to determine the active chemical ingredients in both Plexus and Lemon Pledge for comparison.

Lemon Pledge Ingredients:

Naphtha, petroleum, light alkylate 5%-10%
Polydimethylsiloxanes (Silicon oil) 5%-10%
Water 70%-85%
Butane 1% -5%
Isobutane 1% - 5%
Propane 1% - 5%

Source: Consumer Product Information Database

Silcon based cleaners(silicon oil) are said to be O.K. for Lexan, but not alcohol or ammonia-based cleansers. At this point I was not sure whether any of these ingredients contained alcohol or ammonia, or were safe for Lexan—until I compared them to those chemicals found in Plexus.

Plexus ingredients:
Alipathic petroleum distillates 23%
Isobutane 12%
Propane 3 %

Source: Plexus Plastic Cleaner MSDS Page 1 of 3 Material Safety Data Sheet

I think the rest is water, just like lemon pledge. Another Pledge similarity is listed Under “Appearance and Odor”. It states, “White/Off White creamy emulsion with Lemon Odor in an Aerosol can.”

However, there are those “Alipathic petroleum distillates” listed for Plexus in this MSDS, but I believe I found what those are in another MSDS listing for Plexus :

Solvent Naptha(Petroleum) light Aliphatic, 23 % - also found in Pledge(5%-10% Naptha/Petroleum & 5%-10% Silicon Oil)

In terms of cost, Plexus can go for $16 aerosol can, while Lemon Pledge is about $5 -$7 can.

Now I’m not going to claim that Lemon Pledge and Plexus are exactly the same, but they do look similar enough to me to risk using Lemon Pledge on my new National V-Stream Lexan windscreen.

Anyone else is free to disagree, but I'm beginning to think they are quite similar."
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