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Originally Posted by rogor View Post
anyone reading the rubbish from jonkol in the usual dr thread
some people...
Originally Posted by JagLite View Post
I sure am glad I don't have a flexy frame DR.
Too bad his does.
Good thing he is the only one...
I guess the rest of us happy DR riders are ignorant of this serious design flaw that only his bike has.
The sad part is I think johnkol really believes the DR frame flexes. I'm convinced he has one of (or a Combo of ...) the following problems:
1. Worn or loose Wheel, Head or Swing arm bearings ?
2. A crack somewhere in the frame, perhaps in the steering head area or
where swing arm attaches to main frame around linkage area??
3. Bent forks ?
4. Out of align frame (from previous accident) ?

It could also be clapped out suspension, but probably one of the above issues are having an affect too ....

I don't think he is a Troll ... but somehow has got a weird DR650. He's taken a lot of Flack ... but handles it pretty well, IMO.
I have seen (and ridden) bent frames that you can't tell are bent. But the bike handles weird ... has a mind of its own. Can be subtle, impossible to see with naked eye.

There is a guy called The Frame Man up near Sacramento, CA who is expert at straightening ... mostly does race bikes. Excellent work ... and night and day difference once frame is perfect. There are others who provide these same services. Frame Man has been around over 20 years. I take bent wheels to him ... and one crashed bike. Perfect results!
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