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Originally Posted by therivermonster View Post
Sometimes they say, "well, they broke the mold with that one". I say hogwash. Just break the damn plug (bowl). And that's just what I did. I did a little tap tap tap on the bowl with a hammer and it broke up just fine.

I'll have to say that the results are just what I was looking for. There is NOT one air bubble. The surface is as shiney as the bowl, and has taken every detail of it perfectly. The surface is hard, and appears to be very durable.

Here is the trimmed up bowl.

And some of the detail in the bottom.

I think that I'll get my wax on with this bowl and lay up a bowl in CF. I'll be in touch.
Look in the second picture..... you can see where the small indentations ...corners....have been pulled by the epoxy. Each little ripple....depression.....letter...etc... will effectively double the surface area, creating a tremendous sticking power, that will make it very hard to separate. You can try to blow compressed air in between the layup, and the mould... That usually helps. This is why it was hard to separate. Just FYI.....

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