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Originally Posted by ShooterDave View Post
How on God's green earth are you able to drain it from the main lug without getting it all over the place. If you remove the bolt slightly and leave it there, it sprays all over the place. I never once was able to do it without it getting all over the skid plate. Ok, well ALL OVER is an overstatement. It would always end up on the skid plate, a lot more than I would like. When I finally took the skid plate off.... it was an oily, gunky mess. It was so annoying that with the new skid plate I got for my other bike, I didn't care that it didn't have an oil hole. This skid plate is the best protection ever.

I need pics / video or it ain't true dude.

Tis true,no mess,no video till spring.......though i do think it`s comical me making a video to instruct on oil changes on sumpin as basic as the LPIG

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