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Originally Posted by shu View Post
Good thinking here. My DR behaves in a similar manner when the IMS tank locking gas cap vent gets plugged. (Procycle says to fix it by poking a hole in the rubber disk under the green plastic piece. I've done that and it works for a while, but needs poking with an ice pick every now and then to keep the hole open).

[I]Originally Posted by procycle:
The locking cap has a small rubber disk inside it that acts as a one way valve so fuel doesn't splash out through the internal vent. You can access the disk by removing the rubber gasket and unscrewing the green plastic piece inside the cap. Take a sharp pointed pick and poke a tiny hole in the disk and you will solve the venting issues. The hole should be barely more than a pinhole. If you make the hole too big you might have a small amount of fuel spillage in a tipover.[/I]

Another possibility is the small filter on the breather from the carb. Mine had a tiny piece of rag sucked in there and had similar symptoms to what you describe.

Both of these would be easy to check out.

I used a few zip ties to secure the kickstand safety switch and then rode 70 miles with no problems so I believe this might be it. I will remove the switch and see if the problem reoccurs when the weather dries out.

My bike seldom sits for more than a couple days as I do not own a car.

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